Message From Principal

Message from Marilyn E. Quarterman

Welcome back to a brand new school year. I am delighted to embark upon my ninth year at Ellwood as principal. It is delightful working in a rich environment of high parent expectations and student’s zest for learning. Our teachers are committed to their craft of delivering instruction to your children. Each year our goal is to meet and exceed the expectations of our parents and students.

I dedicate myself to our students to provide a climate that is fair and equitable and provide multiple opportunities for high levels of student achievement. This environment will also provide numerous safety nets through early interventions, while providing opportunities for accelerated learning for proficient advanced students.

I profoundly believe that every single child can learn and they have a right to receive the best level of instruction. The learning process never ceases for anyone, including the teacher, parent and administrators. I hope you will partner with me in that belief, and join me in raising the achievement levels for parents, our students to astoundingly high levels this year.

We continue to strive to create a climate of success for all students, and endeavor to equip them with the supports to stretch them to achieve success. I know you join me in the belief that all students, parents, teachers, administrators, and the community at large must join in assuming responsibility for our students’ success.

Let’s embrace our new school year together, standing tall, walking strong and working smart for our children.

Shared Values

With the School District of Philadelphia and the local Academic Network, we at Ellwood Elementary School, share the belief that all children can learn at high levels.  We believe that, at Ellwood, we can provide children with a safe learning community in which all of its members participate as learners.  We believe that we can provide teachers with continuing opportunities to learn and share effective strategies that will empower them to teach students at the proficient level in literacy, math, science and social studies.  We want parents to be actively involved in the education of their child (ren) by effectively communicating with teachers, encouraging high academic expectations and assisting with and checking homework daily.

Points of Pride

Parent and Grandparent Dessert Week
Sustained Daily Average Attendance Rates between 93% and 94%
Active Home and School Association
Strong, supportive and highly qualified instructional staff
Successful Guided Reading Cycle for grades 1 –5
Operating in Excellence Behavior Incentive Program
Annual Career Day
Scholastic Book Fair
Senior Volunteer Program – Seniors reading to and with students
PSSA Prep workshops for parents
Eagles’ Book Mobile
Partnership with Free Library of Philadelphia Friends of the Library
Eagles’ Eye Mobile
Eat Right Now Nutrition Education Program
Dental Hygiene Education Program
Instrumental music program and Ellwood School Orchestra
Ellwood Science Fair
Safe Corridors Parent Team