About Us

Mission Statement

Ellwood School will provide all students with the educational skills and tools that will empower them to reach their highest potential.  We will foster a partnership among students, parents, staff and the community that will ensure that all students will be supported to become productive and competitive members of society.  The Ellwood Elementary School’s mission is in alignment with the School District of Philadelphia’s mission to support students as lifelong learners.

Our Vision

♦ Ellwood’s vision is to build a world-class school for our children to ensure their success in tomorrow’s global society.We envision equipping our students to compete with any students at any school, any place in the world.

♦ The instructional leaders at the Ellwood Elementary School share the belief that all children can learn at high levels. Therefore, by providing children with a safe, nurturing and rigorous learning environment, all participants have multiple opportunities to excel.

Through high quality, on-going, relevant teacher training, higher levels of teaching and learning will be accomplished in the classroom.

Parents are able to become more active in the instruction being provided to their children through their engaging in multiple opportunities, on various levels, to work as partners with their children and instructional leaders in the school.

At the Ellwood School, We believe that through a personal investment of high level training, expectations and accountability for ourselves, coupled with high levels of focused instructional delivery to our students, and quality service to our parents and community, our children can only achieve at high levels, enabling them to be highly productive citizens in the global community.

Inside Ellwood Elementary School

Ellwood Elementary School is a learning community in the Oak Lane section of the city, dedicated to excellence. The students, parents, community and school staff jointly endeavor to create a learning environment where all can achieve. Through cultivating high self-esteem, fostering independent and critical thinking and exposure to our seven small learning communities, graduates will have developed the habits of mind to follow healthy, productive and fulfilling lives.

Ellwood is organized as a Kindergarten through 5th Grade facility.

Exiting sixth graders attend the Wagner Middle School and, to support this transition, students are paired with upper grade Wagner students for school tours and other activities.

Ellwood Pledge

At Ellwood School, I pledge to strive to
become an exceptional student.
I will respect myself and others.
I will do my best at home and at school to
make my parents, guardians, teachers and
community proud.